Digital Music Creation Lessons

Video Editing Lesson

Learn how to edit video so it it attractive to viewer.  Avoid from spending thousand of dollars on video editing software,  we will teach you skills to create great videos – no experience needed.  With the skill you, you can edit more videos, create more video quickly than ever before.

Music Composition Lesson

You love music lover and wish you could create your own song or compose a song! 

This is an entry-level music production lesson, and your very first step towards creating your own music.

The lesson includes music theory, operation of music production software. With this course, you can learn to compose and produce your own song. 


创建专业的社交媒体视频,促销视频和内容为自己或与我们合作。 在我们的课程中,我们将逐步向您展示,从编写脚本,制作前准备,制作,摄影,到后期制作。 您将学习如何像专业电影制作人一样制作短视频片段。