Syllabus Structure and Goal


Experienced and educated tutors that will guide their students on a path of musical growth, internally and externally.


At Stage Music, not only do you learn to understand and grasp the concepts of music, but also learn to enjoy it!


To grasp the concepts of producing your own ‘sound’, in hopes to let the fruits of your labour carry on into the world through your music.

Why Stage Music?

Tutors here are experienced and knowledgeable

A vast array of musical resources

Many opportunities to stand in the spotlight

Music Training Academy

Our Philosophy

STAGE — the stage. The very epitome of where a musician’s true ability and love for the art shines. As for us at Stage Music, it is exactly because of this stage that we wish to stand on and compete on, is the very essence and purpose of our establishment. Everything a musician would need to know regarding the aspects of a performance, from the setting up to the tear down, is the ultimate goal and dream that wish to nurture here at Stage Music, for all who wish to feel that burning desire of standing and competing in the beautiful art of music.

Student’s that learn with us will not only go through the theoretical and technical aspects of music, as we also hope to nurture growth and development of their character in all aspects. That is why in terms of faculty, Stage Music has a strict screening process for its teachers. Aside from just working and performing experience, we also assess our teachers’ approach to teaching students and their personal outlook on music and performance. We strive to nurture and help our students achieve their true musical potential.

At this moment, Stage Music offers tutoring for Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Drums, Contemporary Piano, Classical Piano, Classical or Contemporary Vocals, Violin, Viola, Music Therapy and even Video Editing courses. Therefore, not only are you able to learn more than just your instrument here, but also meet and connect with people that share the same passion and forge companions and bonds that will endure the test of time.

Our Partners

Easy to learn, and simple instruction for video editing skills.
" Best music lesson ever... "

Thank you, I've learn to perform music in the entertainment industry, not just the music world.

Thanks for the audition opportunity, it is one of the best experience!